ive been thinking a lot about boundaries, where does an artwork finis11063615_10154030598405961_7352820001452395476_nh and mundane necessities begin (i.e. walls, floors)and the role of the plinth within an artwork. I wanted to make a piece that questions what is an art piece.

if it is in a frame it is art?

it is universally excepted that if something is within the boundaries of a frame it is usually considered as art. but what about the frame? is that a part of the piece or is it just a mundane necessity like the wall it 11259815_10154030598455961_1590884857313093506_nhangs on?

everything in the sight lines of the piece should converse with the piece, and therefore contribute to the whole experience of viewing the work.

most of us do this subconsciously, but do we acknowledge the fact that it is subsequently a factor of the artwork?

the piece i created as a response to my thinking is not very strong, the label stickers from my workplace (a restaurant) tell a story that im not really talking about. I outlined 10″ x 10″ of wall spaced and labelled it, i then erased the lines, leaving the decision to the viewer of where the artwork finished and wall begins.

this is an idea that wont leave me suddenly, I will try again sometime.


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