Whilst thinking about all the elements that i would exhibit in the degree show, i thought about what was not there, sound.

i look at my practice like creating a composition, separate elements coming together to create one harmonious piece. my work is various installations in this sense, although each piece has its own identity and can stand alone without the context of the other pieces.

like an abstract painter might think “just a little red mark here and voilà!”, its a practised instinctive.

I felt like it needed a hint of something else to tie it together.

the idea of a chain reaction has intrigued me for a while, like ‘mouse trap’ where one action results to another different action and so on…

i wanted a physical sound not a digital one, that was important – just the physicality of the object and the purity of the sound and the visual aspect that you can see what and where the sound was coming from.

recently I’ve been thinking a lot about pieces i can make whilst in my part time job as a waitress, and something you hear constantly is the sound of a bell.

“ring for attention”

the piece i’m working on has a bell, being hit by a solar powered Chinese lucky cat, being powered by a table lamp.


I’m having some difficulty with the cat, due to the mechanism that makes the paw move being a counterbalance of electromagnets it (probably obviously) doesn’t have enough power to hear any sound from the bell.


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