Studio Work


With making a sculpture with the CD’s in mind, i wanted the form to be organic, as if to resemble a mineral, and i wanted it to be large.

problems with making it large were that it would take a lot of the CD’S to get it to a reasonable size (expensive) and very time consuming.

so i thought about making some kind of skeleton;

problem; how do you consciously make a form that is suppose to be organic?

I turned to the old faithful chicken wire, although there is a major love hate relationship…11152690_10154030597695961_8148489082566449173_n

I randomly mashed and squeezed it to create some kind of spherical form,

plaster dipped Hessian was then draped over the chicken wire form to make up the base where i would then cover it with the CD’S and i would have a hollow inside which would save time, money and precious CDS.

more problems;

as i was applying the molten CDS on to the plaster, due to the powdery nature, it was not sticking and once cooled and hardened it was sliding around and off.

the plaster itself was also beginning to burn as i was applying the heat gun onto the CDS to try and secure them onto the plaster structure.

they just didn’t want to mix.

I decided to scrap this idea as i figured the piece works better being smaller and i have decided to enlarge other aspects of the body of work and together they work a lot better, images to follow soon…


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