Studio Work

Within the last year it has become apparent to me that the plinth as we know it (white box) is no more. I have always believed that within sculpture the plinth is just as important as the sculpture itself and therefore should also be carefully considered in terms of size, colour and texture just as you would with a sculpture.

I have been making small scale sculptures, using found household objects, and as the degree show is looming ever nearer I began considering the exhibiting space and its extremely high ceilings. I needed to elevate the piecesĀ so that they dominated the space.

blog 1

I acquired a industrial kitchen worktop from my workplace (hotel) that was left outside over the winter. It had rusted quite a lot and there was a lot of dirt build up so I spent the day cleaning and polishing it up.

I saw this as a sculpture its self, like a Donald Judd. With this in mind I began to see objects in a different light.

blog 2

blog 3

I then noticed this tomato growing frame disused and abandoned again over the winter (many winters actually), I loved the typical gardening green coating on the structure that only can be fully appreciated once removed from its context.

I considered possibly hanging or suspending something from this cage.

Once i get it into the studio I will be able to experiment and play around with the sculptures and how they interact with the new “plinths”.


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