Hello Everyone

Welcome to 3OWORKS3ODAYS, and Thank you for signing up.

Your first day of the project commences from 10 am on the 1st of April (today!). Here’s just some more information about the project and what the framework is for the next 30 days ….


  • We ask that you send each days work any time before 10am the next day to info@12ocollective.com, (so for the work for the 1st of April you will have until 10am on the 2nd of April to send the work and so forth.)

  • Failure to submit each days work before 10 am the next day, will result in no longer being able to participate in the project or feature in the final publication, (therefore you must submit one work, every day before 10am for the whole 30 days to be in the publication ). We will notify you if you have missed the deadline.


  • The works do not need to be complete, polished, or refined, we are not judging the work, it is entirely up to you and your judgement and the expectations you set for yourself and your work.

  • Each day before 10am we will send you a brief or an exercise for that day, you do not need to follow them, they’re just a little something to help you if you get stuck or you might find them useful as inspiration. We will also send daily reference to the briefs and exercises for extra research possibilities.

  • We will keep track of the works over the 30 days and catalogue each persons progression through the project.

  • If you complete the project the featured work for the publication can be from any point in the 30 days.

  • In regards to the publication, we encourage you to make each work without letting the publication influence your decisions, as by doing so it might deter you from experimenting and trying to work differently or in a new materials that you are not confident in, due to the concern that it ‘won’t work’ in the publication (we will work to make sure all the works for each artist are represented and communicated appropriately and accommodates every medium). Also if you decide you do not wished to be included in the publication at the end that is fine.

  • REMEMBER this project is about the process, the testing of your practice and giving each artist another space to experiment alongside their current practice, to test the questions you have, the works you never had time to make, and mediums you were too scared to try, be adventurous and make mistakes. It is about being able to have the perseverance to complete all 30 days, the duration between the 1st till the 30th, not the end result.


12ø Collective



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