Studio Work

Planning is key for successful time management, and by been aware of the tight time scale between now and graduation – every day counts. I prepare agendas or to do lists on weekends and evenings so that every working day is spent usefully. My task for today was to experiment with different household items that I had collected from around my own home, and to create as much sculptural pieces as I could during the working day.

Among the objects there were used lightbulbs, a box of chalks, stacks of blank CDS, Glass plant pot and a plastic pet ball.

this is the overall view of the space


This piece is made from about 6-7 CDS that has been melted and moulded into a mineral or a gemstone and dusted with talc. I also built the plinth by using an old frame. I used what was at hand and I think that the plinth could be much cleaner, but then again I believe that a plinth shouldn’t be a white box and should be completely relevant the the object. This idea definitely need refining and it will be something I will carry on further with by making larger versions and experimenting with different plinths.

OCD, 2015

Whilst looking for objects to use it became apparent that I was attracted to identical objects or repetitive objects. To me these 3-way plugs are Lego blocks to build with. The size of the piece was dictated by how many plugs I could find around the house. it’s playful.

STRANDED, 2015From a purely visual point of view, this piece is most definitely my favourite. It is a radio antenna with a used light bulb hung from it. 

TIME GOES ON EVEN IF CLOCK DOESNT, 2015clock weight hung with bale string

TO FILL, 2015

talc in HessianTO FLOAT (AND LEAK), 2015

pet toy in glass pot filled with water


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